You can be part
of the solution


It inspires community by providing the opportunity for hope. It sees the potential in every child. It changes ‘business as usual’, bringing along community leaders, politicians, business owners, investors and rallying the general community at large. It enables everyone to dream big and see change.

We know that every child needs to be loved and safe, healthy, participating, learning, with a positive sense of culture and identity, and basic material needs met. But at present, about 30% of children in Launceston Tamar Valley are missing out. Initiatives like Every Child Succeeds needs your help to ensure change occurs.
It is in the individual and the community to ensure every child succeeds, through support and empowerment. It starts here.

Today. Right here. With our kids. In our local community.

It changes, it moves, it can, it will.
A community can create change.
It changes everything.
It’s where every child’s voice is heard.
It begins with us.

Every Child Succeeds

Every Child Succeeds is a big initiative of Community it. to create a better, safer, healthy future for our children. With the help of good ideas from our clever community we can find solutions to see that Every Child Succeeds.